At A Time

There’s a time we don’t know our place
Belong to nowhere feels either good or not sometimes
What talked or written is not represented us in real
What real is deep down this self, hopefully. Continue reading



What day is it?
Ah, it’s already been a new month.

What time is it?
Oh, the sun has yet to be immersed.

Wind howls and sighs
Mind blow and be a dough. Continue reading


According to Oxford/Cambridge dictionary, rest (v) means ceasing being active of doing particular activity for a period of time in order to recover strength.
Yes, the definition sounds so legitimate.

Eh, when is the appropriate time to rest? Continue reading


Kenapa ketika bisa dipermudah acap kali tetap dipersulit?

Apakah orang lain akan paham sesuatu jika tidak ada komunikasi verbal yang memang secara gamblang berwujud kata-kata dalam membahasnya tidak seperti “kode” yang lebih dikenal saat ini?

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