Wiki says lacking of courage
Getting rid of fear is camouflage
Making self staying in a cage

Other says it’s natural protection
No good in overweening ambition
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Now I Know Why

Never happy, not satisfied
Always complains for nothing
Hopes and dreams are fading away

It’s not hard to figure it out
There’s no doubt, you’ll find a way

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Water Falls

Water falls from the bright air.
It falls like hair, falling across a young girl’s shoulders.
Water falls, making pools in the asphalt, dirty mirror with clouds and buildings inside.
It falls on the roof of my house.
It falls on my mother, and on my hair.
Most people call it rain.

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Sun Goes Down

Life will give you hundred times to cry. Million ways to smile it’s worth to try. Sun goes down. Hold back all your tears and walk away. Moving on is better than you stay. Sun goes down. Sun goes down everyday.
You said you’ll be fine. We fall for many times. Life goes on.. You know why. Sun goes down everyday. You learn how to live from yesterday. You took all the pain and swept away. Sun goes down. Sun goes down everyday.
(Sun Goes Down – Endah n Rhesa)

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Yes, bird

Pardon sharing blabbering of this recent days, such a relief on rush hour._.v

Flying is a bird needed, she is unable to survive without it. With flying, a bird can identify her territory, seek food for hers & family, also move to another region which is support to live on some season.
With a pair of legs and many invention of vehicle, it ough to facilitate us to be mobile. Do you?

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