According to Oxford/Cambridge dictionary, rest (v) means ceasing being active of doing particular activity for a period of time in order to recover strength.
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A solid weeks make you hectic
Nowadays it is classic
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Water Falls

Water falls from the bright air.
It falls like hair, falling across a young girl’s shoulders.
Water falls, making pools in the asphalt, dirty mirror with clouds and buildings inside.
It falls on the roof of my house.
It falls on my mother, and on my hair.
Most people call it rain.

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Sun Goes Down

Life will give you hundred times to cry. Million ways to smile it’s worth to try. Sun goes down. Hold back all your tears and walk away. Moving on is better than you stay. Sun goes down. Sun goes down everyday.
You said you’ll be fine. We fall for many times. Life goes on.. You know why. Sun goes down everyday. You learn how to live from yesterday. You took all the pain and swept away. Sun goes down. Sun goes down everyday.
(Sun Goes Down – Endah n Rhesa)

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